Privacy and Security

At, ensuring the security and privacy of user data, content, and communications is of utmost importance. We endeavour to ensure that our policies and practices are fully compliant with Indian data protection law as contained in the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the Sensitive Personal Data Rules issued thereunder.

The collection, handling, storage, and disclosure of your data will be governed by the following terms. Please remember that installing or using signifies that you fully accept and agree to be bound by these terms without reservation. Continuing to use after these Terms have been modified or replaced also signifies your acceptance.

  • If you install or use, we collect the following types of personal data information from you:
    1. Account Information: If you choose to create an account with us, you may be required to provide us with some personal information including, but not limited to, your real name, gender, age, date of birth, username, password, email address, phone number, and address.
    2. Financial Information which you may choose to provide to us to facilitate payments through third party service providers or to purchase additional features or functionality including credit or debit card information, bank account details, and related information.
    3. Locational Information: To use certain features of, you may choose to provide us with locational data gathered from your device including GPS data and data from cellular service providers. Specifically for the Family Module, the app will seek location permission from you to collect your location details. Your location will be displayed ONLY to those family members who you add within this module. You can revoke the permision to share your location anytime you like.
    4. SMS: To use certain features of, you may choose to provide us with permission to send an SMS from your device. Specifically for the Family Module, the app will seek SMS permission from you to send emergency SMS from your mobile ONLY to those of your family members who you add within this module. Any such SMS from your side will be sent ONLY when you choose or set to do so, not at the discretion of the app. You can revoke the SMS permision anytime you like.
    5. Third Party Information: To use certain features of, you may be required to provide information relating to third parties including, but not limited to, third party account, financial, locational or contact information (including contacts stored on your device including contact name, phone number, and other available details).
    6. Linking to Third Party Accounts: To use certain features of, you may choose to provide us with access to personal information stored on third party services such as electronic mail, or social media. Allowing such access signifies that may collect, handle, and store any personal information available on such services.
  • We collect, store, and use the above information with the primary purpose of operating, maintaining, and providing to you the features and functionality of In addition, we may also use your personal information to:
    a. Provide user support, assistance, and personalization;
    b. Carry out or facilitate user transactions;
    c. Provide personalised and targeted advertising;
    d. Resolve disputes;
    e. Ensure usage of our services in accordance with the Terms;
    f. Prevent, mitigate, or protect against, illegal or prohibited practices;
    g. Analyse usage patterns, feedback, and user experience;
    h. Provide you with information on our Services including in relation to updates, promotions, offers, and other marketing material; and for
    i. Any other purpose to which you may expressly consent.
  • We do not disclose any information you provide us except in the limited circumstances described here:
    a. To provide certain functionality, and facilitate user transactions, may have to disclose personal information to third party entities including, but not limited to, payment gateways, clearinghouses, payment aggregators, e-commerce portals, job search engines, and similar entities. These disclosures are user-initiated and will be limited to information requested by the partner to carry out the transaction. Practices of third parties are governed by their respective privacy policies to which we are not a party.
    b. To provide certain location sharing features, may disclose the information you provide us (e.g. GPS data) to the intended party with which the location is to be shared. This also applies to third party information you may provide us.
    c. To our partner and affiliate entities for marketing, sales, and related purposes. Any information shared under an agreement with such an entity will restrict further sharing of your information by that entity without your consent.
  • We may also use, store and disclose aggregated information which has been fully anonymised in order to improve user experience, collect user feedback, and study usage patterns.
  • By providing us with any personal or other information, you warrant and represent that you are fully authorised and empowered to provide such information. In order to provide certain features or functionality, may require you to provide personal or other information about or relating to third party individuals. In such cases, you are required to ensure that you obtain informed consent of the concerned third party before providing to us such information. This consent must have been obtained after explaining to the concerned third party that their information is being collected, purpose of collection, and the option to decline to provide such information.
  • These Terms only apply to your use of or other services provided to you by . If you choose to disclose information to third party service providers or applications (for e.g. payment systems, financial entities, and e-wallets), you acknowledge that different rules, privacy policies, and practices may apply. has no control over these third parties and we urge you to closely study their privacy and use policies before disclosing your personal data.
  • Your Personal Image:You may choose to provide us with your personal image. will store this image & use it to personalize your user experience on the app. Also, a thumbnail version of the image may be available for viewing by any Helper that may be added by you. will not use this image for any other purpose without seeking your express approval.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in these Terms, we may collect, preserve or disclose your information (including personal information) if we believe it is reasonably necessary to address security or technical issues, regulatory enquiries or investigations, violations of these Terms, fraud or other criminal activities, abuse or safety concerns, or to comply with a law, regulation, court order, or government / law enforcement request.
  • Security Practices: Mustafa / Alpesh, here we need to mention about the ‚ÄúReasonable security practices” to be in line with the Rules under the IT Act. A)Are we compliant & 2)What are some of the key security features that we can mention here?

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