AI Powered Conversational Audit​

Image showcasing key steps for effective use of Waanee AI's auditor

Waanee Conversational AI
can manage Call Audits at scale

AI-Powered Call Audits to diarise conversations and audit agent performance,
script compliance and customer satisfaction.
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Diarize Calls with Core Transcription

Transcribe pre-recorded audio files in seconds, with human-level accuracy. Waanee’s conversation audit uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to diarise calls to text. Plus, it is scalable to process multiple files in parallel.

Customize & Transcribe Multi-Lingual Interactions

Waanee’s Conversational AI diarises your calls and creates transcriptions across multiple international and Indian languages. Plus, it also allows you to customise vocabulary to boost the accuracy of your transcriptions.

Build Call Scripts for Voice Campaigns

Waanee’s Conversational AI is configurable to define call scripts and build the flow of calls. With configurable call scripts, you can audit the compliance of your team members with the call scripts described for the campaign.

Audit and Analyze Call Scripts

Waanee’s Conversational AI audits voice calls and identifies your team members’ compliance with the call scripts. In addition, it intelligently identifies script deviations and suggests corrective action.

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