A girl using a laptop with icons representing various messaging platforms such as email, WhatsApp, and Telegram

Connect With Customers: Wherever They Are

Reach Customers across channels with Omnichannel Routing

A single hub for your teams to route inbound & outbound customer conversations across channels. Interact and manage conversations by Phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram or Email with Waanee’s Contact Centre & CRM.

Reduce Wait Time & Enhance CSAT with Intelligent Call Routing

Embedded features like IVR, Intelligent Virtual Agents and Auto Call Distribution help route the call to the right team member based on intelligent logic.

Run Multiple Campaigns to Generate Leads and Serve Customers

Increase Customer Engagement With Multi-Channel Campaigns

Define and Run both Inbound and Outbound Campaigns such as Telecalling, Messaging campaigns by SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram, Email campaigns, Voice blasts or Visual IVR campaigns.

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Prioritise Campaigns with
AI-Powered Priority Engine

Define priority for current campaigns. And our AI-Powered priority engine will automatically queue the target contacts for your teams based on your team member’s skills and campaign priority.

Follow-up, Nurture & Re-churn
Leads to Get Business Outcomes

Follow-up leads and set dispositions & sub-dispositions to accurately define lead status. Define tasks and set up reminders to nurture leads at the right time. And run re-churn campaigns to maximize business outcomes from target lists.

Process of Contact center CRM with Dialer

Make Your Teams Productive & Increase Collaboration

Organise Your Teams and
Bring Clarity to their Roles

Bring more clarity by defining teams and their members and organising their team hierarchy. Help your teams work efficiently by defining their roles and providing them access to resources and information needed to do their jobs well.

Make your teams productive
with intelligent call routing

Get the best from your teams by intelligently building call queues and routing calls to them. Our AI-powered call routing engine automatically matches your team’s skills and matches calls for them.

Agent Desktop: Everything your
team needs to engage

Give all the tools your teams need in one organised workspace to engage with your customers across channels. Plus, provide them with a 360-degree view of all the customer details and interactions across channels

Improve customer interactions
with AI-Agent Assist

Give your teams an AI-Powered Buddy that offers real-time and contextual suggestions during a customer interaction. It enables your teams to be more proactive and helps them achieve their goals.

Collaborate with your teams with
Call Transfer & Conferencing

Provide tools to your teams to ease collaboration during customer interactions. With Call transfer, your team members can redirect customer calls to another team member. With Call Conferencing, your teams can jointly help customers with their queries.

Support your teams in real time
with Whisper & Barge

Monitor customer conversations of your team in real-time. Guide and support your teams during customer conversations with the whisper facility. Plus, use the Call-Barge facility to step in during customer conversations.

Affordable & Flexible Pricing
With Quick Return on Investment

Our affordable pricing helps Small Businesses to Large Enterprises adapt to a state-of-the-art, AI-Powered Contact Centre with Built-in CRM. Our pricing options are designed to help you purchase only the needed capabilities. You can scale up or down anytime with the cloud’s software as a service model.

Analyse Customer Interactions & Team Performance

A girl using a laptop and three screens displaying analytics of a cloud contact center software in the background

Interaction Analytics

Find out if your customer interactions are going in the right direction. Analyze the mood and sentiment of the customer during interactions with an AI-Powered natural language processing engine.

Marketing & Sales Analytics

Get insights on your current leads and opportunities, sales forecasts, which products or services to focus on, your potential customer segments, buying patterns, where to sell and how best to reach customers with Sales & Marketing Analytics.

Service and Customer
Satisfaction Analytics

Get an in-depth analysis of customer behavior, the needs and issues they have while using your product or service, how their expectations are addressed by your business, and what is their customer satisfaction (CSAT) levels with built-in Service Analytics.

Monitor Team Performance
& Audit Conversations

Monitor team performance during sales, marketing and customer service. Find out their efficiency with daily call reports, measure their interaction effectiveness, audit their script compliance, and get insights on improving your team’s effectiveness.

Drive your CX and EX at scale

Discover new avenues of growth and enhance existing terminals with our enterprise-grade conversational AI platform. Learn how waanee.ai is helping end customers.

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