A Simpler Way to Connect to Your Customers

Integrated Communications Hub: A single place to interact with customers

Get a communications hub for your business to interact with your customers that include: a business phone, AI-Powered IVR that works across text (SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram) and voice channels, email and social media channels integration for inbound and outbound customer interactions.

Make Your Business Available 24/7 with Intelligent Virtual Agents

Get human-like AI-Powered Bots for voice and text that engage your customers in a conversational way. With these intelligent bots, you can now be available 24 * 7 for your customers. They will not feel they are conversing with a robot.

Manage Customer Acquisitions at Scale

Run Multi-Channel Campaigns and Generate Leads from Multiple Sources

Create, Run and Prioritise omnichannel campaigns and collate leads through Waanee’s built-in Contact Centre and CRM. Also, integrate Waanee’s Contact Centre & CRM into your website and other lead aggregators to collate and manage leads in one platform.

Sales Diallers to Connect to Your Inbound and Outbound Leads

Reduce the turnaround time of inbound leads & have engaging conversations with your customers once they have enquired with AI-Powered Sales Diallers. Also, reach out to more prospects in outbound call campaigns with advanced auto-diallers like power diallers, preview diallers and predictive diallers.

Manage Leads, Generate Quotes and Close Deals with Built-in CRM

Followup and Nurture leads, run re-churn campaigns and manage lead progression with comprehensive lead management and campaign management modules. And generate quotes for your customers that win you more business with the built-in quote management system.

Onboard New Customers Digitally

Design Customer Journeys to manage the digital onboarding process

Design the Journey for Customer Onboarding by defining the processes, actors and the steps involved in customer onboarding. And design inbound and outbound campaigns for various steps to complete the customer onboarding process.

Record and Monitor Progress of Customer Onboarding

Record the progress of customer onboarding automatically based on the tasks and activities completed with the built-in CRM. And monitor progress & turnaround times with built-in reports & dashboards.

Run Outbound Campaigns for Customer Onboarding

Run Outbound Campaigns by Phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and Email to complete the various steps of customer onboarding, such as Document Collection, Approval Communication, Welcome Call etc.

Omni-Channel Customer Assistance

Making it easier for Customers to Reach Your Business

With Waanee’s communications hub, you have one system for your customers to reach your business by Telephone, WhatsApp and Telegram. Also, integrate emails and other social media channels to receive all inbound customer communications in one place.

Handle Customer Queries with Intelligent Virtual Agents & Routing

Address customer queries on the phone or chats automatically with Waanee’s Intelligent Virtual Agents – human-like robots powered by artificial intelligence. If the customer’s query is unresolved, intelligently route the conversation to the right team member.

Ticket Management System to manage and resolve customer queries

Make customers happy with quickly and efficiently managing support. Define your service process, have support interactions across channels, create support tickets, assign them to the right team members and manage support tickets to resolution.

Manage Contact Centre Outsourcing

A platform to standardize & managing outsourced contact centre operations

Waanee’s Contact Centre and CRM is an ideal platform for outsourcing contact centre operations. With Waanee, you can standardise & harmonise all your campaigns, processes, standard operating procedures, and knowledge base for your Contact Center BPOs.

Enhanced Security and Self Sufficient for Contact Centre BPOs

Waanee’s Contact Centre and CRM are self-sufficient systems that provide your BPOs with all the capabilities they need. Plus, it is a secure layer encapsulating your business and IT systems from the outsourced BPOs. As a result, your CRM or Legacy Systems are not exposed to your Outsourced BPOs.

Easy to Integrate with your legacy and CRM systems

Waanee’s technical architecture is a combination of both contact centre systems and CRM systems. Plus, Waanee’s solutions are configurable to suit the business needs of BFSI. This makes exchanging data easier and integrating Waanee’s systems with BFSI’s CRM and Legacy Systems.

The Waanee

Modular and Integrated

Waanee’s Customer Engagement tools are modular. You can use them individually with the solutions that you love. Yet, they are also better together. You get a unified and seamless platform to turn customer interactions into positive business outcomes.

Affordable & Flexible Pricing
With Quick Return on Investment

Our Business Phones are affordable to suit the needs of Small Businesses to Large Enterprises. Our pricing options are designed to help you purchase only the needed capabilities. You can scale up or down at any time with our cloud model.

Drive your CX and EX at scale

Discover new avenues of growth and enhance existing terminals with our enterprise-grade conversational AI platform. Learn how waanee.ai is helping end customers.

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