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Unified Communications Hub for Inbound Enquiries

With Waanee’s communications hub, you have one number through which your customers can reach your business by Telephone, WhatsApp and Telegram. Also, integrate emails and other social media channels into the communications hub to receive all inbound customer enquiries in one place.

Run Omnichannel Outbound Campaigns

Create, Run omnichannel outbound campaigns at scale by Phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Email. Collate leads in one place through Waanee’s built-in Contact Centre and CRM. Also, prioritise campaigns and manage outbound activities based on real-time circumstances and needs.

Register Enquiries from Multiple Sources

Waanee’s CRM and Contact Center would be a single source to register leads from inbound and outbound enquiries. Check for lead de-duplication, and register leads with the right lead source. Also, register additional details of the lead using user-definable lead attributes.

Sales Diallers to Quickly Connect with Your Leads

Reduce the turnaround time of inbound leads & have engaging conversations with your customers once they have enquired with AI-Powered Sales Diallers. Also, reach out to more prospects in outbound call campaigns with advanced auto-diallers like power diallers, preview diallers and predictive diallers.

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Follow-up and Nurture Leads and Lead Scoring

Use Waanee’s Agent Desktop to get a 360-degree view of the customer. Follow-up leads and set dispositions & sub-dispositions to define lead status accurately. Setup reminders to nurture leads at the right time. And run re-churn campaigns to maximise sales outcomes.

Generate Sales Quotes & Payment Terms

Create personalised sales quotes in Waanee easily using the sales quotes generator and send them through multiple channels. Define tasks and follow up with your customers by phone, SMS, instant messages and emails to convert leads into deals. Also, set up standard or customised payment terms and offer them to the customers and sales quotes.

Track and Manage Your Sales Inventory

Define user-definable properties (ex., project, site, cluster, wing, apartment type, area, bedrooms etc.) and user-definable attributes (ex, park-facing, near school etc.) for your real estate inventory & sale lists. Also, manage the inventory status in real-time to determine if the real estate is available for sale.

Manage Aggregators & Channel Partners

Define the Aggregators, Brokers and Channel Partners and their lead sourcing terms. And Integrate Waanee with the aggregators via API to get leads from their systems directly. Check for lead de-duplication before accepting the lead. Provide access to your portals for lead updates. And get reports and dashboards to manage your lead-generation partners.

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Screenshot showing the waanee.ai ivr software sales dashboard and call analytics features

Analyse Processes and Business Outcomes

Analyse Sales Conversations

Find out if your interactions are converting to sales. Analyse the mood and sentiment of the customer during interactions with AI-Powered natural language processing engine and find out if your teams are having the right sales conversations.

Marketing & Sales Analytics

Get insights on your current leads and opportunities, sales forecasts, which products or services to focus on, your potential customer segments, buying patterns, where to sell and how best to reach customers with Sales & Marketing Analytics.

The Waanee

Humanising AI and Making
Humans Powerful with AI

AI powers all Waanee’s tools: your business phone, virtual agents, contact centre, CRM, or analytical tools. But Waanee has humanised its AI, making it more personable and natural. And it has used AI to make your teams and customers more powerful.

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Affordable & Flexible Pricing
With Quick Return on Investment

Our Business Phones are affordable to suit the needs of Small Businesses to Large Enterprises. Our pricing options are designed to help you purchase only the needed capabilities. You can scale up or down at any time with our cloud model.

Drive your CX and EX at scale

Discover new avenues of growth and enhance existing terminals with our enterprise-grade conversational AI platform. Learn how waanee.ai is helping end customers.

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