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Unified Communications Hub for Your Business

Get a unified communications hub with a business phone, a virtual number and Integrated Voice Response (IVR). Connect with your customers and manage Inbound and Outbound customer interactions by Phone, SMS or instant messengers like WhatsApp or Telegram and Email.

Be Available 24/7 with Intelligent Virtual Agents

Get human-like AI-Powered Bots for voice and text that converses with your customers. With these intelligent bots, you can now be available 24 * 7 to your customers on the phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and Email. They will not feel they are conversing with a robot.

Sell More and Increase Your Revenues

Get everything your sales team needs to reach potential customers and convert them into deals. Get tools that help you reach more customers, engage with customers across channels, nurture leads, generate opportunities, close more deals and analyse sales outcomes.

Manage Customer Support and Provide Great CX

Get everything your customer success team needs to provide excellent customer experiences. Get tools that help your customers reach you easily across channels, engage with them, solve their problems, manage the service & support processes, and analyse customer experiences.

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Enhance Productivity of Your Sales & Support Team

Get an AI-Powered buddy for your team that provides real-time and contextual suggestions during customer conversations. With AI-Agent Assist, they will be able to respond faster, manage workload, be efficient, offer better CX and improve business outcomes.

Audit & Improve Team Performance & CSAT

Get AI-Powered Call Audit tools to diarise conversations and audit agent performance, script compliance and customer satisfaction. Automatically transcribe customer conversations, know the sentiment and tone of the conversation, and audit the script compliance to assess the agent performance and CSAT index.

The Waanee

Humanising AI and Making
Humans Powerful with AI

AI powers all Waanee’s tools: your business phone, virtual agents, contact centre, CRM, or analytical tools. But Waanee has humanised its AI, making it more personable and natural. And it has used AI to make your teams and customers more powerful.

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Affordable & Flexible Pricing
With Quick Return on Investment

Our Business Phones are affordable to suit the needs of Small Businesses to Large Enterprises. Our pricing options are designed to help you purchase only the needed capabilities. You can scale up or down at any time with our cloud model.

Drive your CX and EX at scale

Discover new avenues of growth and enhance existing terminals with our enterprise-grade conversational AI platform. Learn how is helping end customers.

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