Be Easier for Customers to Reach Your Business

With Waanee’s communications hub, you have one number through which your customers can reach your business by Telephone, WhatsApp and Telegram. Also, integrate emails and other social media channels into the communications hub to receive customer support requests in one place.

24/7 Availability and Customer Self Service

Waanee’s Intelligent Virtual Agents and IVR on phone and chat enables your business to be available to your customers 24/7. It quickly provides the first level of support and helps customers by troubleshooting simpler customer issues.

Omni-Channel Ticketing System

Enable customers to raise support tickets from various channels such as phone, chat, email, web or social media with Waanee’s Ticketing Management System in its built-in CRM. Assign them to the right team members and manage the ticket resolution process.

Automated Ticketing based on IoT Devices

Automatically Raise Support Tickets based on the triggers from IoT fitted devices in Waanee’s Contact Centre and CRM. And assign a contact centre team member to dial the customer based on the events triggered by the IoT devices.

Mobile Field Service Management

Track your service engineer’s schedule and availability and assign field visits or support calls to them based on that using Waanee’s Contact Centre and CRM. Enable your field service engineers to manage support calls on the field with a mobile field service app.

Manage Resolutions, Track Tickets & Monitor SLAs

Track resolutions of customer issues with Waanee’s ticketing and service management capabilities. Also, track the committed Service Level Agreements with customers and monitor resolutions based on them. The service dashboard also automatically prioritises tickets based on urgency and customer SLAs.

Advanced Analytics for Service Management

Get a complete view of support and service process and progress with advanced support analytics in Waanee’s Contact Centre and CRM. Also track Turnaroud times, customer SLAs and monitor its performance with the built-in analytics.

Call Recording and Audit for Service Accountability

Record Customer Conversations, Diarize them and audit agent and service engineer’s performance, script compliance and customer satisfaction with AI-Powered Call Audits. Waanee’s Conversational AI enables you to track the CSAT index and audit adherence to service standards.

The Waanee

Modular and Integrated

Waanee’s Customer Engagement tools are modular. You can use them individually with the solutions that you love. Yet, they are also better together. You get a unified and seamless platform to turn customer interactions into positive business outcomes.

Affordable & Flexible Pricing
With Quick Return on Investment

Our Business Phones are affordable to suit the needs of Small Businesses to Large Enterprises. Our pricing options are designed to help you purchase only the needed capabilities. You can scale up or down at any time with our cloud model.

Drive your CX and EX at scale

Discover new avenues of growth and enhance existing terminals with our enterprise-grade conversational AI platform. Learn how is helping end customers.

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