Improving Analytics Tools for BPO Operations

Posted by, on 30 Mar, 2024 10:33 AM

In today’s competitive BPO landscape, measuring and analyzing performance is crucial for success. However, current analytics tools often fall short, struggling to capture the crucial “why” behind the numbers, especially for qualitative KPIs like customer satisfaction (CSAT) and agent soft skills. This limited understanding hinders effective decision-making and optimization.

The Game Changer: AI Redefines BPO Analytics

The good news? Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a game-changing solution. Let’s explore how AI-powered tools can transform BPO analytics, moving beyond mere numbers to unlock truly actionable insights, with a particular focus on the capabilities of Waanee AI:

Unveiling the “Soft Side”: Capturing Quality, Not Just Quantity

Imagine measuring AHT (average handling time) without understanding the quality of the interaction. Did the agent efficiently resolve the issue with a pleasant demeanor? Traditional tools struggle to assess this “soft side,” relying on manual QA processes that evaluate a meager 3-4% of interactions. This leaves a massive data gap, leading to limited insights and missed opportunities.

Enter Waanee AI: Empowering Granular Understanding

Waanee AI leverages advanced AI, particularly Generative AI (Gen AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs), to analyze significantly larger data sets, potentially even achieving comprehensive analysis of all interactions. This unlocks a treasure trove of insights:

  • Qualitative CSAT: Go beyond ratings with Waanee AI’s sentiment analysis. Capture customer feedback nuances, pinpoint areas for improvement in agent soft skills and communication, and personalize service based on identified preferences.
  • Automated Script Compliance & Beyond: Don’t just log actions. Waanee AI assesses the quality and effectiveness of script adherence, ensuring consistent and impactful interactions. Moreover, it delves deeper, analyzing the “why” behind deviations, offering insights into agent challenges and training needs.
  • Soft Skill Evaluation: Quantify elusive soft skills like empathy, active listening, and problem-solving. Unlike traditional tools, Waanee AI doesn’t rely on pre-defined parameters. It identifies skills specific to your business context and customer base, enabling targeted training and performance improvement.

The Voice of the Customer: Unlocking Strategic Value through Waanee AI’s Advanced Features

Customer feedback shouldn’t just be a number. Waanee AI analyzes open-ended responses beyond basic sentiment, identifying recurring themes, pain points, and even emotions like confusion or frustration. This qualitative understanding empowers BPOs to:

  • Personalize service: Tailor training and coaching to address specific customer needs and preferences identified through Waanee AI’s in-depth feedback analysis.
  • Proactively address issues: Use feedback to identify and preemptively solve potential problems before they impact customer satisfaction.
  • Build stronger relationships: Insights into customer sentiment can inform communication strategies, fostering trust and loyalty with Waanee AI’s personalized outreach capabilities.

Implementation: Choosing the Right Tools and Partnering with Waanee AI

While AI holds immense potential, successful implementation requires careful consideration. Waanee AI simplifies this process by providing:

    • Aggregation of different models under one roof: You could select the best availbale Speech to Text, LLMs and Text to speech engines in the run time
  • Switching between different AI engines: One could easily switch from one AI model to another with few clicks.
    • Auto Configurable: User’s could dunamically define the KPIs and revent signals 
  • In depthe Analytics: After analysing the data, Waanee AI creates dynamic datacubes for further slicing and dicing
  • Drill Down: Waanee AI analytics allow users to explore the KPI in depth with drill down feature
  • Multilingual: A large range of language supported
  • Auto summarization: Waanee AI understands each converastions and generate structured summaries around each of them
  • Sacalable: Waanee AI is enterprise ready and could analyse 100% calls of any large size contact center
  • Seamless Integration: Waanee AI ensures smooth integration with existing systems, avoiding data silos and facilitating a comprehensive view of your operations.
  • Change Management Support: They understand the human aspect of technological change. Waanee AI provides training and support to help your team adapt and thrive with the new AI-powered analytics tools.

AI-Powered Analytics with Waanee AI: The Future of BPO Excellence

By embracing AI-powered analytics with Waanee AI as your partner, BPOs can move beyond traditional data crunching to extract richer, actionable insights. This empowers them to:

  • Reduced AHT: It auto summarize the conversastions and directly reduce the AHT and ACW by 25%
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences: Understand and address customer needs effectively, driving satisfaction and loyalty with personalized interactions.
  • Optimize operational efficiency: Identify areas for process improvement and resource allocation, maximizing productivity and cost-effectiveness with Waanee AI’s data-driven recommendations.
  • Empower their workforce: Equip agents with data-driven feedback for targeted skills development and enhanced performance with Waanee AI’s coaching and training tools.

AI is not about replacing human judgment; it’s about augmenting it with powerful tools for deeper understanding and informed decision-making. By embracing this transformative technology and partnering with Waanee AI, BPOs can unlock a future of operational excellence and truly exceptional customer experiences.

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