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Omnichannel connectivity with your customer, Driven by DeepTech for better customer experience


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IVR software interface displaying features and options for seamless customer interactions

Be More Connected with
Your Customers

Business Phone with IVR

Get a business phone with a virtual number and Integrated Voice Response (IVR). And You won’t miss an opportunity to connect with your customers. Reach them by voice, SMS or instant messengers like WhatsApp or Telegram.

Intelligent Virtual Agents

Human-like AI-Powered Bots for voice and text that can converse with your customers. With these intelligent bots, you can now be available 24 * 7 for your customers. They won’t feel they are talking with a robot.

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Deliver Customer Experiences
That Grow Your Business

Contact Centre with In-Built CRM

Help your teams to have more customer interactions. And turn them into revenue and great customer experiences. With Waanee’s Contact Centre & CRM, your teams will connect with more customers, have high-impact conversations and grow your business.

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IVR software Contact center interface displaying contacts and features

Integration with Popular Apps


Improve Business Outcomes with AI-Powered Tools

Agent Assist
A buddy to your contact centre agents to give real-time and contextual suggestions. With Agent Assist, your teams will be more proactive with your customers - while selling or servicing them.
AI-Powered Conversation Audit
Audit your agent performance, script compliance and customer satisfaction. Our AI-Powered Conversation Audit tools will analyse recorded agent conversations to suggest ways to improve their performance.

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The Waanee Difference

Humanising AI & Making Humans Stronger with AI
AI powers all the Waanee’s tools: your business phone, virtual agents, contact centre & CRM or analytical tools. But Waanee has humanised its AI, making it more personable and real. And it has used AI to make your teams and customers more powerful. Learn More
Read how waanee.ai uses AI & Intelligent Technologies to improve business outcomes.

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