Conversational AI: Unveiling the Next Era of Virtual Agents

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What Is Conversational AI and its Relevance:

There was a time when the use of AI in the form of chatbots was new and welcomed, sometimes even viewed in awe and at other times even looked at with dissent. Dissent over chatbots usually grew from how un-human like it was in its interaction and often times it was not able to offer the right solutions to people that it was apparently helping.

However, the times are now changing and chatbots are being taken over by much more advanced AI powered virtual call centre agents or conversational AI agents. Conversational AI is finding greater demand and popularity among the users of the tools as well as those that experience it.
This goes to show that the way ahead for conversational AI is bright owing to the fact that it offers human-like interaction even as it refines the entire experience to the people that interact with the AI.

AI in Contact Center Led Solutions:

The use of Artificial Intelligence across the business spectrum is becoming increasingly common. There are a lot of areas in which AI is put to use, but the use of the AI technology in contact center solutions is gaining immense momentum.
This is seen particularly in the form of virtual agents in AI, agents that interact with customers through conversations. There is a greater demand for solutions that make use of conversational AI as is seen in the growing amount of competition among the competitors. However, if you want to get the best solutions it is important to opt for a contact centre solution provider that is known to offer the most viable AI led services in interactive voice responses such as

The Gradual Shift:

Shift from Human to AI:

A steady shift from regular agents to virtual call center agents is being seen across the call centre industry.

There are a lot of reasons why the shift is happening and it is something that is inevitable. More and more businesses are now preferring virtual agents as compared to human agents, and though the human agents will not be completely replaced by virtual agents, the shift is real and it is happening more often than you can imagine.

Why Use Virtual Agents in AI:

A recurring question that comes to mind is why there is a need for the shift from human agents to virtual agents in call centers. The answer is simple, there are a lot of valid reasons why this shift is important and even beneficial. Here are some of the most important reasons why the shift is bound to happen even more in the foreseeable future:

Better Quality: The conversational AI offers better service quality as it can integrate uniformity in interactions. Companies do not have to worry about working on getting all customer interactions at par in terms of quality because with the use of AI this is something that can be sorted with ease.

Increased Speed: The turnaround time for interactions can also be cut down with the help of conversational AI and by employing virtual agents in AI. This is possible because the conversation flow between AI and customers is likely to be much more to the point and resourceful as compared to any human interaction.

Better After Call Services: Processing calls for analysis, audits and more can be made much more easeful with the use of AI which is a major reason for the steady shift to AI from human interactions. The use of these interaction in the process of training and quality check also becomes much more seamless when it is done with the use of AI run interactions.

Cost Effective: The use of AI as virtual agents is also much more financially feasible for call centers, which is why more and more process centers are using AI driven conversation tools from the best contact center solution providers like

Service Duration: More businesses can now think about scaling their functioning to 24/7 models because they can have AI powered conversation bots that can run the show without having to stop. This means that businesses can serve better and even grow at a much more rapid speed.

How Businesses Are Leveraging Virtual Agents in AI:

There are different ways in which businesses make use of conversational AI in their working, based on the different requirements of the business, the professionals use AI in various functions.

Quick Response:
One of the biggest and the most important areas in which the use of conversational AI contributes is in providing quick responses. Where actual humans would have to keep customers waiting for minutes to hours, businesses are now able to respond to their customers immediately with the help of conversational AI.

Ease of Communication:
More and more businesses are now able to offer language choices in offering customer service to their clients because contact center solution providers like offer virtual call center agent tools that can interact in multiple languages. This is a major path breaking and evolutionary change that is brought about with the use of AI in the arena of customer service.

Proactive Approach:
With the use of AI bots for customer service, businesses can now reach out to the customers on their own instead of waiting for feedback or complaints from the clients. With the possibility to reach out to clients, businesses have been able to achieve better customer service quality with the integration of conversational AI.

The Way Forward for Virtual Agents in AI:

It is important to note that the use of AI in the arena of customer service is here to stay. While AI in the form of chatbots could be considered as the initial phase, the future in the form of conversational AI will be breaking all records.
The speed, efficiency and effectiveness with which businesses function with the use of virtual call center agents is the revolution that was the need of the hour.
This is something that is getting enhanced manifold with the help of innovative and professional contact center service providers like

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